erw high frenquency weld steel pipe

  • erw high frenquency weld steel pipe

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The Pipe Making Principle of ERW High Frequency Welded Steel Pipe

ERW straight seam steel pipe is made by using the skin effect of high-frequency current to quickly heat the edge of the formed tube to the welding temperature and then perform extrusion welding. According to different power feeding methods, ERW welded pipe can be divided into high frequency contact welding and high frequency induction welding. Related searches erw high frenquency weld steel pipe

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Welding Principle of ERW Steel Pipe The emergence and maturity of high-frequency welding technology has directly promoted the huge development of the longitudinally welded pipe industry. It is a key process in the production of ERW steel pipe. The quality of high-frequency welding directly affects the overall strength, quality level and production speed of welded pipe products.

High Frequency Welded Stainless Steel Pipes

The high-frequency erw steel pipe is different from the ordinary welded pipe welding process. The weld bead is melted from the base material of the steel strip body, and the mechanical strength is better than that of the general welded or SSAW steel pipe. High Frequency Electric Weld (ERW) Line Pipe,ERW casing pipe erw high frenquency weld steel pipe high frequency electric weld (ERW) line pipe and standard electric resistance weld pipe products are smoothly finished and thin-walled. They are produced by continuously forming coiled hot rolled strip into a tube and welding the longitudinal seam using high-frequency electric resistance welding. Size:(ERW, HFI, EFW) Outer Diameter: 6mm-610mm (1/16-24) Wall Thickness: 0.3mm-22mm Length erw high frenquency weld steel pipe Electric Resistance High Frequency Welded (ERW) - Zhangzhou erw high frenquency weld steel pipe Electric Resistance High Frequency Welded (ERW) Our Spiral Steel Pipes are commonly used for many industries from gas & oil, water supply & drainage, building structures, bridges, tunnels, elevated highways, roads, construction piling, etc.

ERW Pipe | Electric Resistance Welded

Electric Resistance Welded (ERW) pipe is manufactured by cold forming a flat steel strip into a rounded tube and passing it through a series of forming rollers to obtain a longitudinal seam. The two edges are then simultaneously heated with a high frequency current and squeezed together to form a bond.

Bridge steel erw high frenquency weld steel pipe is required to have higher strength, toughness, load and impact of rolling stock, and good fatigue resistance, low temperature toughness and atmospheric corrosion resistance. With the development of domestic railway construction towards high speed and heavy load, railway bridge steel developing in the direction of high speed, heavy load, long span, beautiful and novel structure, and full welding, higher requirements are imposed on the properties of steel for bridges. In particular, the development of cross-sea bridges has put forward higher requirements on the corrosion resistance of steel for bridges.

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