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  • BBN steel company was founded in 2000, starting the international business in 2010 and successfully being approved and certified by ISO9001:2008. After ten years development, BBN steel has become the large-scale comprehensive enterprise group, combining steel trading, bs s151 steel plate processing, and steel distribution, also have large warehouse and processional representatives both inTianJin, Zhengzhou and Beijing city.

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Thyssenkrupp Standards and specifications by company

300M BMS7-26 Alloy Steel | Bar, Block & Forgings Any Size, 300M / E4340 Mod Alloy Steel (AMS 6417 / AMS 6419), Aircraft Stainless Steel BS S151 / S151D (Jethete M152 / MSRR 6503). T552 - voestalpine BHLER Edelstahl GmbH & Co KG Creep resisting, corrosion resistance hardened and tempered steel, with good toughness and good creep rupture strength. Usual upper temperature limit for continuous operating at 560C. Suppliers of high specification metal for bs s151 steel - steel-grades bs s151 steel BS S150 Steel, Corrosion resistant : BS S151 Steel, Corrosion resistant Aerospace Stainless Steel MSRR 6503: Jethete M152: AMS 5719 : WS 1.4933 WS 1.4938 WS 1.4939 Z12CNDV12 AECMA FE-RM37 X11CrNiMo12: UNS S64152: BS S154 BS 2S96 MSRR 6043 Steel, Non-corrosion resistant: 826M31 EN25 : 30NiCrMo12 : BS S155 Steel, Non-corrosion resistant: 300M bs s151 steel

Stainless Steel Forging Alloys Independent Forgings and Alloys

Stainless Steel Forging Alloys 13-8 Mo PH UNS S13800 : AMS 5629 : W.Nr/EN 1.4548 : 15-5 PH UNS S15500: AMS 5659 : W.Nr/EN 1.4545 17-4 PH UNS S17400: AMS 5643, AMS 5622, AMS 5604 : W.Nr/EN 1.4548 : MSRR 6601 A286 UNS S66286: W.Nr/EN 1.4890: AMS Special material solutions for Aerospace applications Aerodur 4546 / 4550 Deutsche Edelstahlwerke WL 1.4546.9 - AMS 5646 BS 2 S130 - AMS QQ-S-763 - IPSWL1.4546 Aerodur 4939 1.4939 Z12CNDV12 Jethete M152 Deutsche Edelstahlwerke BS S151 - AIR9160C Stainless steel Related searches bs s151 steel

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Maraging Steels & Special Stainless Steels

Maraging steel is a very high strength iron base, molybdenum, cobalt and nickel alloy. bs s151 steel BS S151 / S159: X22CrNiMoV12-1 Steel : 1.4923: X22: TLV 9248 06 bs s151 steel Jethete | Material Datasheet Jethete M-152 is a nitrogen bearing, hardenable 12% chromium martensitic stainless steel with high strength at higher temperatures and excellent creep and corrosion resistance. It is supplied as hardened and tempered steel with very good toughness, creep rupture properties and temper resistance at temperatures up to 1040 F (560 C). EN X12CrNiMo12 - Equivalent Materials Stainless Steel Martensitic Stainless Steel. Structural Steel. Equivalent Materials to EN X12CrNiMo12. bs s151 steel BS S151. BS S538. EN X12CrNiMoN12. EN 1.4939.

Creep resistant steels - voestalpine BHLER US

Corrosion resistant and non magnetic Steel; Ferritic and martensitic steels, incl. precipitaion hardening steels; bs s151 steel BS : S151 Standards: 5719 - bs s151 steel Bolton Service Centre - LIBERTY Steel UK BS S151, AIR 9160/C: Maraging 250: X: AMS 6512, BS S162: X53: X: AMS 6308: This table represents our main grades but we can supply many more so for alternative grades bs s151 steel Aircraft Stainless Steel Jethete M152 (BS S151/ S159) Suppliers of aerospace stainless steel Jethete M152 in round bar (BS S151 / S159) and sheet (MSRR 6504/ MSRR 6514 AircraftMaterialsUK bs s151 steel Ltd +44 (0)1494 484844 - Global Supplier of European and U.S. Alloys

stainless steel technical data sheet, ss grades, ss gauge and bs s151 steel

BS S151 Steel, Corrosion resistant Aerospace Stainless Steel bs s151 steel BS S535 Steel, Non-corrosion resistant: 4130: AMS 6350: AISI 4130: WS 1.7214 25CD45 bs s151 steel Streamline Washdown Equipment, Inc. Barrel Assembly Stainless Steel for the S151 Series Stainless Spray Nozzle ( Contains all Internal Working Parts) bs s151 steel BS. Stainless Steel Nozzle Body for the S151 bs s151 steel Steel Bar Comparative / similar specification MSRR 6010, S156 Alloy Steel, BS S132, AMS 5510, 5645, AMS 5648 316, AMS6370 Bar Grades Equivalent Steel Bar Specifications, Steel Bar Grades - AISI 4130 Aircraft Steel (AMS 6345 / AMS 6346 / AMS 6350), BS S106/BS S156 Aerospace Steel Bar Suppliers India

Steel Bar Comparative / similar specification | Jayant Impex bs s151 steel

Steel Bar Comparative / similar specification UK USA Germany France Europe Related Specifications bs s151 steel BS S135: AMS 6440: W.-Nr. 1.2067/ bs s151 steel BS S151: AMS 5719: WL 1 bs s151 steel Stainless Steel Products - Gould Alloys Grade Size Range Size Range Round Bar Flat Bar (mm) 316L: 0.625" to 4.5" Dia : 304L: 1/2" to 200mm Dia : AMS5643: 1/2" to 7.5" Dia: 33 x 30 to 405 x 100: AMS5659 Stainless Steel Jethete M152 (BS S151/ S159) - Harsh Steel BS S151 BS S159 MSRR 6503 MSRR 6504 - Jethete M152 sheet MSRR 6514 - Jethete M 152 sheet AMS 5719 DTD 5066 WS 1.4933 WS 1.4938 WS 1.4939 Z12CNDV12 AECMA FE-PM37 UNS S64152. Harsh Steel export Stainless Steel Jethete M152 to below countries.

For Q345B steel plate, Q stands for the yield of Q345B material. The 345 at the back refers to the yield value of Q345B material, which is about 345MPa. The yield value will decrease with the increase of Q345B steel plate thickness. Q345B steel plate has good comprehensive performance, low temperature performance, cold stamping performance, welding performance and machinability. It bs s151 steel is widely used in bridges, vehicles, ships, buildings, pressure vessels, etc.

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